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Get to know me meme → [4/5] current celebrity crushes → Chris Pratt

Just be yourself and forget all of the stuff you read in ‘GQ’ magazine.

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I wish people could just say how they feel like ‘Hey I really don’t like when you do that to me’ or ‘Hey I’m in love with you’ or ‘Hi I really miss you and I think about you all the time’ without sounding desperate. Why can’t everyone be painfully honest and just save people the trouble.
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It starts with yourself

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I think I might always be in some kind of love with you.
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From the film World’s Greatest Dad. RIP Robin Williams.

I wish you’d remembered this, Robin.

Had to stray away from my usual posts to reblog Mr. Williams on this sad day. RIP.

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why can’t stuffing my face with pizza make me attractive? 

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